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Portable Toilets for Hire

E-Toilet Services offer a wide portfolio of toilets for hire to fit all your needs and requirements for any event. There is a range of vibrant and fashionable colours and designs for both interior and exterior facilities so that you can find your ideal event toilet. Our dedication to cleanliness and hygiene is our forte and as such we believe in only providing you with the very finest sanitary solutions.

Re-circulating chemical portable toilet
New Pink Toilets Now Available For Hire!
ETS mains connected cold water sink

ETS mains connected hot water sink

Re-circulating easy accessible / disabled portable toilet
Mains Connected Hot Shower Unit

Free Standing Urinal
ETS Welfare Unit


  1. Are your loos clean and hygienic?
  2. Yes, we take great pride in making sure that whenever our loos are delivered to our clients that all are in a very clean state and fully functioning. You will have no worries about their cleanliness or operability.

  3. How can I tell that you are a genuine company?
  4. You can ask almost any major event organiser, construction company or council in the South East and they will tell you that we have provided them with a quality service on numerous occasions. We don't let people down.

  5. How can I tell if my event needs a portable toilet?
  6. If you are organising any event where people are likely to spend an hour or more away from any public toilet facility then you really do need to offer some kind of portable toilet facility. If you are unsure, why not call us and ask

  7. The toilets I have seen look too small for wheelchairs, so how would a wheelchair user cope?
  8. Whilst our standard loos are not wheelchair accessible, we do recommend you trying one of our accessible loos which are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. We really do recommend this as it can prevent upset and embarrassment to anyone concerned.

  9. We are organising a fair for our playgroup and some parents have young babies. Can they change the babies in these loos?
  10. Not in the standard loos but we do have a baby changing friendly unit available which is of course ideal. If you are likely to be seeing parents with babies at your event then we advise you hire one of these units just in case.

  11. We hold an outdoor event every month. Would it be worthwhile us buying one of your loos?
  12. Very possibly. It could certainly work out to be more cost effective in the long run for you but why not give us some more details first and we can advise on what would be the best thing to do in these circumstances.

  13. Our football club changing rooms have broken plumbing. Do you hire showers too?
  14. Yes, we do. Our shower cubicles could be just the solution after the latest victory for your team! They need a power supply, mains water and drain but if you have all that then you should be okay.

  15. Is there just one, dare I say, it bog standard loo or do you supply a few types?
  16. Yes, we do have a few types available. The basic ones just feature a loo and can have sanitizer gel as an option or there are others which include a hot water sink. Details of all the loos available are shown on our website.

Terms & Conditions for Portable Toilet Hire

  1. The equipment shall at all times remain ours. Unless otherwise agreed in writing you must not sell, sub hire or otherwise dispose of, or abandon the equipment.
  2. We will require access for a 8' wide delivery vehicle, to within 10' of the final location.
  3. The hired product(s) cannot be lifted.
  4. Once positioning of the hired product(s) has been agreed with the driver, the hired product(s) must not be moved as this will cause problems upon collection.
  5. If the hired product(s) have been moved and not repositioned to their original location prior to collection you may incur additional charges. (please remember they are much heavier after an event than before!).
  6. The hired product(s) are your responsibility from the time of delivery to the time of collection.
  7. The hired product(s) must be returned in the same condition that they were received in.
  8. We advise you to contact your insurance broker to confirm cover or arrange security as necessary. E-Toilets can arrange for insurance on your behalf.
  9. We E-Toilets do not supply Public Liability Insurance; it is your own responsibility.
  10. The customer is still liable for the full rental charge if the weekly visit for restocking is not carried out due to circumstances beyond our control.
  11. We would advise that you appoint someone to monitor the hired product(s); he she should consider the following:
    • If your event is taking place in the evening, ensure there is adequate lighting above each toilet as there is NO internal lighting supplied. E-Toilets can quote for internal lighting if required.
    • To ensure the cleanliness of the toiler(s), wipe down any splashes that occur, remove any litter that has been left, (this should be done on a regular basis).
    • Ensure there is a plentiful supply of consumables (toilet rolls and soap) available and that they are replenished on a regular basis. (We only supply initial stock).